This regular LAN party meets up centrally in Orange County, California (Los Angeles / Southern California / SoCal).  The focus is on having balanced teams and close games.  More information can be found at the FAQ. 


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Before requesting to be added, please read the FAQ to get a feeling of what the LAN is all about.  This LAN is not a good fit for everyone.  After understanding and agreeing to the basic rules, please send an email to Jefferson Kim (lan at jeffersonkim dot com) with the following information:

- Full Name
- Alias
- Which LAN party date you want to sign up for (
You can only sign up for the posted LANs)

If you've never been to this LAN before, please provide the following additional information:

- General skill level for the game that will have assigned teams (High, Medium, Low)
- Any friends you would like to be on the same team with
- How you heard about this LAN

If you do not receive an email confirming your addition or you are not on the team list, your seat is NOT reserved.

Email List